"Teeth in a day " TM and why not ... "Teeth in an Hour

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"Teeth in a day " TM and why not ... "Teeth in an Hour" TM by dmd Dr. André Ménard, general practitioner.

You have read "Teeth in an hour" in the newspaper? Now Dr. André Ménard is proud to offer this new dental technology in Quebec, for the benefit of patients with missing teeth or loose teeth. Dr. André Ménard is one of a small number of dentists who have combined to create these new advancements smiles interesting using the computer and a so-called advanced imaging and CT scan to offer a solution to People who are tired of wearing dentures or who are tired of having loose teeth in their mouth. In the past, many Surgery for 6 to 12 months were needed for what it is now possible to do in an hour or two per jaw, when the state of the gum permits it.


If you suffer from discomfort and embarrassment of dentures or you're tired of having a mouthful of loose teeth, and you do not have time in your life, maybe that "teeth in an hour - From instant teeth "is the permanent solution you need. "Teeth in an hour - Instant teeth" can give you back your freedom to smile, laugh, eat, speak, and thus change your life . Imagine!

And if you do not wear dentures or you do not miss your teeth and you may want an "Extreme Makeover Smile"

Good news, these advanced technologies make the "beautiful teeth in a day" concept a reality.

What makes this possible is the marriage of digital radiography and 3-D virtual reality computer that allows me to predict the position of the smile in the face of the patient. This technology is extremely accurate, safe, and is a technique of implant usually less painful. Finally, our clients leave the appointment with an instant smile ! (This technology does not apply to all. Applicants must be carefully selected by the dentist) .


Tooth replacement with implants was always associated with prolonged healing time, pain and time missed at work. The new technological advancements allow customers to leave the clinic with dental implants and teeth after a short time, a less traumatic procedure that provides the best customer satisfaction with a procedure simplified implant treatment. This is not science fiction, it's reality, today!

It is therefore possible to have a tooth put quickly and painlessly.

The client of "Teeth in an Hour- Instant Teeth" can UPTURNED to work after a few days and can appreciate their teeth and smile now.

"The best of European technology from Belgium and Switzerland, combined with North American technology improves accuracy and provides superior cosmetic results. To provide this type of smile reconstruction , advanced training is required.

For more information or to schedule a free consultation screening of 15 minutes for "Teeth in an hour - a smiling snapshot", call toll free Dr. Andre Menard at 800-763-1532.

Technology "Teeth in an Hour , Instant Teeth " can be used to:

  • Replacement or strengthening of a upper denture
  • Replacement or strengthening of a lower denture
  • A single missing tooth
  • Replacement or partial strengthening of a upper partial
  • Replacement or partial strengthening of a lower partial
  • Missing teeth for a long period
  • A tooth extracted even THE DAY.
  • Applicable in cases eligible for single extractions, multiple extractions or whole jaw extractions

Each patient must be evaluated by Dr. André Ménard, and with the appropriate tests, we can determine if "Teeth in an Hour - Instant Teeth " is the ideal treatment for the situation.

The Benefits of "Teeth in an Hour - Instant Teeth "

  • The Surgery takes an hour
  • No sutures (in many cases)
  • Precise
  • Reduced pain
  • Minimal swelling
  • Return to work
  • Few visits to the clinic
  • Excellent aesthetic
  • Wonderful for the upper or lower jaw (even two in one day!)

Well, Here are the details: To make it possible to have "Teeth in an Hour - Instant Teeth " if a bone graft is required, it must be done before the implant. A few cases of implants are possible along the full extractions. But an assessment is needed to determine if you are a candidate for this type of treatment. The cases referred to must have a bone quality and a sufficient bone density to properly support the process of "Teeth in an Hour - Instant Teeth ". Finally, a customer who is considering the procedure "Teeth in an Hour - Instant Teeth" needs a specialized painless test which is actually an x-ray called "axial tomo-densitometry", as part of the evaluation .

The science behind this modern technology

The computer assisted implantation , based on surgical guides that have been calculated prior to the surgery to facilitate the installation of parts and the assembly of the prosthesis in record time. The axial tomo-densitometry complement and enhance these techniques by allowing 3D images to perfectly simulate the sequence of surgical steps needed in a predictable way.

Call Dr. Andre Menard at 800-763-1532 for answers to your questions and for a free 15 minutes consultation .


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