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Friday, December 25 2009 00:24

Hello Kathleen,

I care about the welfare of my patients. I searched day and night to find ways to reduce the costs of my dental services. I think my efforts are your reward ...

Here is what I have for you:

Dental implants offered the highest quality at an unbelievable price. You can indeed get dental implants to 40% off list prices until now. This means that the original costs of $ 3,500.00 is now set for a period limited to $ 2100.00 for a single tooth, under the standard conditions of intervention.

If you have dentures that you would like to stabilize for more comfortable you an alternative solution is also available at a cost much less, also for a limited period. The procedure was amazingly simple, pain, almost non.

Here is what this will do for you: dental implant Cup

The comfort of the mouth affects the comfort of being. Faced with such an assertion, it should list all the little moments of discomfort caused by mouth lately. Dental implants are an invaluable resource for improving self-confidence to others. Implants help to stabilize your teeth. Imagine ...

Here's what you do:

Our office is open by appointment, on weekdays. You can telehone, and register for a free consultation of 20 minutes. In fact, you may have questions. And again, Dr. Ménard would meet with you to establish your goals for your future comfort and to explain the details of the intervention.

Simple and affordable! This is our new motto.

Thank you for listening.

André Ménard dmd

PS This offer is valid until January 31, 2012. These technologies may not apply to all as is.

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