Our Fees

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Our fees are based upon:

The difficulty that your dental condition and general situation represents.

Our costs and expenses.

The quality of care that we deliver.

Our fees may be HIGHER or LOWER than those normally reimbursed by your insurance carrier. We cannot modify our fees to meet fee guides determined by other parties. Kindly check the reimbursement due by your carrier before treatment is rendered if you wish to respect a specific budget.

We have dedicated personnel to help you on this.

Thank you !

Reference to FAQ at l'Ordre des Dentistes du Québec.


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Loan calculator for your dental fees

The results of this loan payment simulator are for comparison purposes only.

This is a good approximation of actual loan repayments at a financial institution.

This is provided to help you plan your loan application. To use, enter values for the loan,

the number of months and the interest rate (eg 7.5),

then click the "Calculate" button.Clicking the "Reset" button will clear the values entered

Description Data Entry
Loan Amount
Loan Length in Months
Interest Rate
Monthly PaymentCalculated
Enter only numeric values (no commas), using decimal points where needed.
Non-numeric values will cause errors.


Tax credit for dental expenses

tax deduction table
These data on tax cuts are provided for informational purposes only. Tax rates are subject to change, please check these figures in Dentoplan. Please contact Louise Bélisle, counselor Dentoplan
at (514) 808-6274 or toll free at 1 (800) 363-2891 # 227



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