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  Guaranteed Dentistry cares and our services.


I offer nothing less than the quality of service I demand for myself. I cover the results so you find peace of mind.

I want to provide professional care services in our dental clinic that will be durable, comfortable and that will cause a minimum of additional expenses in the future.

The long-term success of care delivery depends on the quality of maintenance that you will do yourself. I recommend a visit every 10 months to review your situation and clean your teeth to avoid sudden unattended damages to your oral health.

That said, I present to you then the content of the warranty applicable to services provided at the Atelier Du Sourire Inc..

Tooth whitening.

You must confirm at the end of the visit if you are satisfied with the result, otherwise I re-do the treatment at no cost.

Root canal treatment.

Guarantee of success for 3 years starting at the end of the treatment. Failure found within this period will first be adjusted to obtain satisfaction, and if not because of a irreversible dental condition , will be refunded.

Care of fixed prosthesis, gold, metal and porcelain crowns and inlays of metal.

Fractures during normal use, cover 8 years from the initial mouthing. Coverage includes the replacement or repair of the prosthesis.

Inlays, crowns, veneers and porcelain fixed bridges only.

Replacement at no additional cost when fracture during normal use, for five years following the initial mouthing.

Conventional composite restorations

Support 2 years at no additional cost after the initial mouthing.

Dental Implants

The fracture or failure of a dental implant is covered for a period of two years of its surgical insertion.I will replace the implant free or I will produce a comparable alternative, or I will refund all at my discretion. I experienced one case of implant fracture in 30 years. The long-term prognosis of implant treatment well planned is 90% + over 15 years.

I do not implant placement in diabetic patients uncontrolled. This medical condition can indeed be devastating against any type of surgery.

If diabetes is under control supported, the results are very predictable and long-term positive.

Important note about all these guarantees:

Your dental care must be under a form of association between you and me. This is a team effort. So to keep the warranty valid you must:

  1. You behave responsibly and Cooperating about your oral health. Please complete your care premises as prescribed. This is the cost of sustainability.

  2. Maintain a regular and consistent membership in my dental practice.

  3. Keeping pace with the appointment of recall examination as recommended, no change of more than 30 days on the dates of reminders that I prescribed.

  4. To supplement the care recommended by me, Dr André Ménard, or any dental specialist whom I shall have you referred, according to the condition being treated.

  5. Keeping your financial account up to date with my office.

  6. Wear any protective device of the occlusion or masticatory I'll have you recommended and strictly follow the treatment recommendations of occlusal equilibration as I may deem necessary.

This warranty does not cover anything that is not explicitly mentioned here. Damage to dentures and oral tissues by accident, abuse neglect or other trauma are not covered. Misuse includes but not limited to, bruxism, teeth grinding involuntary tightening of the teeth untimely, and the fact to chew ice or items generally considered inedible.

Finally, it should be about the treatment generally recommended treatments versus compromise. It is important to understand that compromise treatment as well as a temporary treatment can not be covered by any guarantee whatsoever of their intrinsic character. If you have any doubt about the subject, I am ready to clarify with you before treatment.

André Ménard dds