Bone Grafting ?

Written by Dr Andre Menard dds   

products-graftingReprobone™ RBD and RBM granules are synthetic resorbable bone graft substitutes specifically designed for the needs of dental and periodontal surgery. ReproBone™ has been specifically engineered to provide an optimal environment for the ingrowth of new bone.  The fully interconnected porous matrix is very similar to that found in human cancellous bone and mimics it in both chemical composition and structure.

60% HA, 40% ß-TCP composition is similar to the mineral component of human bone and undergoes complete resorption at a controlled rate.

Ultra High Porosity
Over 80% porosity allows rapid bone ingrowth throughout the pores. The product provides support without significantly limiting natural bone density. Microporosity within the HA/TCP structure assists the transfer of essential nutrients.

Safe and Reliable

A gamma sterilised product, available in unlimited quantities.  The biocompatibility and clinical efficacy of HA and ß-TCP as bone substitute materials is supported by over 3000 publications and over 500 clinical studies with 25 years of successful use.


Application is easy. When mixed with blood, bone marrow aspirate or platelet concentrate, the granules form a cohesive mixture that is easily handled.  ReproBone™ granules can be mixed with autograft as a bone graft extender if required.


with bone radiating through pores to the centre of the implant


ReproBone™ RBD and RBM granules are indicated for use as a bone graft substitute for the repair of non-load bearing osseous defects.  Standard fixation techniques must be used in load bearing applications. ReproBone™ RBD and RBM granules are indicated for Root socket filling, socket filling sinus lift and ridge augmentation procedures. A non-resorbable equivalent, PermaBone pure hydroxyapatite RBD and RBM granules, are indicated where a long term bone support is required.


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