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Will i look better ?

The cosmetic question has never been better answered than it is today by using implants. The function of stability and retention is assured by replacement of problem teeth or dentures using dental implants.
smileWith the materials and techniques I've developed that are available today we are able to create a natural appearance.

* Lost lip and cheek support from the shrinkage of gums are managed well using implant techniques.
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Written by Dr Andre Menard dds   

Having Trouble With Your Dentures?
Are You Missing One or More Teeth?implant

Mini Dental Implants are for you!

* Can help you eat, smile, and speak with renewed confidence
* Are placed using a simple, gentle, non-surgical approach
* Are affordable - less than half the cost of old, conventional-style implants * Can be placed to anchor dentures or cemented crowns & bridges
* Can help to preserve bone & facial appearance

Welcome to Mini Dental Implant Dentistry


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